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The Star We Live By

Marty Baptist's "The Star We Live By" is set to mesmerise, transform and bring warmth.

Mural Artwork by Marty Baptist

Adorning the impressive stairwell of Jacksons on George, Marty Baptist’s enormous Sunburst Mural scaling 57 sqm is set to mesmerise, transform and bring warmth.

Celebrating the significance of the sun as a symbol of life, vitality and enlightenment, the title itself encapsulates the artwork’s purpose, reminding us of the sun’s central role in sustaining our very existence. The mural spans over two levels and gives patrons an experience and adventure while going from level to level.

Working with the rawness of a cement tilt slab wall as a canvas, the artist and architects worked side-by-side positioning the image carefully, taking into account aspects such as the importance of the adjacent large window that allows natural sunlight to shine directly onto the work.

The artwork’s sheer scale and choice of gloss paint allows the space to come alive with the natural light flowing onto the artwork at different times, casting patterns, shadows and reflections that are forever changing on the artwork’s surface. It’s this playful interaction that gives the external and internal areas a duality.

The ever-changing nature of sunlight throughout the day creates a sense of spontaneity and semi permanents to the mural. Viewers may find themselves drawn to the artwork, exploring the interplay between image, surface, light and shadow.

September 2023

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